In today’s competitive landscape, petrochemical plants increasingly rely on advanced additives to optimize their processes and ensure operational excellence. Cestoil provides a wide variety of high-quality petrochemical additives, including antipolymerants, antioxidants, and corrosion inhibitors, specifically designed for ethylene plants and other petrochemical operations. Our team of global experts offers total solutions and exceptional service, delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

Ethylene Plant Additives

Ethylene Plant Additives

Ethylene plant additives are essential for enhancing the performance of the pyrolysis process, reducing fouling, improving efficiency, and maintaining equipment integrity.

Styrene and EB Plant additives

Styrene and EB Plant Additives

Cestoil is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art styrene additive solutions to the industry. Our innovative polymerization inhibitor and control technology have been designed to minimize fouling, reduce monomer loss, and protect styrene units during emergency shutdowns. By moving away from the traditional, slow-reacting, and highly toxic dinitrophenols, Cestoil offers a more efficient and safer alternative for controlling polymerization in styrene production.


Gasoline Hydrotreating Additives

Cestoil is proud to offer an effective solution for the corrosion issues that arise from the presence of HCl and H2S in the liquid phase of hydrocarbon streams. Our corrosion inhibitor products are specifically designed to mitigate the corrosive effects of these compounds, which are generated during the hydrogenation of organic materials containing chlorine and sulfur.

PP PE plant plastic

PE Plant Antistatic

Antistatic agents that have been developed are intended to control reactor static and mitigate sheeting and fouling for various polymer production, thereby improving gas phase reactor operability and continuity. Cestoil's patent-pending products use food grade material and set the industry standard for purity and safety.

Butadiene Plant Additives

Butadiene Plant Additives

Our range of products includes top-notch butadiene additives, specifically designed to prevent and slow down the polymerization of butadiene during the extraction and distillation processes. Our butadiene additives play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your production facilities and minimizing the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Acrylonitrile Plant

Acrylonitrile Plant Additives

Our acrylonitrile plant antifoulants are specifically designed to address the challenges faced during the synthesis, distillation, storage, and transportation of active monomers like acrylonitrile, acrylic acid and esters, and styrene, which can easily polymerize when heated. By using Cestoil's effective antifoulants, you can improve the efficiency of your operations and minimize downtime in your acrylonitrile production processes.

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