CLEAN ENGINE – Fuel detergency is greatly improved to ensure a cleaner burn condition.

WATER OIL SEPERATION – Water entrapped in oil will cause hazy fuel and corrosion problems. Impus helps to improve fuel water separation index.

CORROSION INHIBITION – A special surfactant in Bereichen can form strong film layer that can protect engine parts from corrosion. It is contained in all Bereichen products.

ANTIKNOCKING – Bereichen for gasoline helps to eliminate knocking in two different ways. The ability to remove CCD deposits can reduce the octane number requirement. The Octane number improver in Passion can increase the octane number and thereby reduce knocking.

FUEL ECONOMY – Both a friction modifier and detergent can improve fuel economy. Depending on the fuel and engine system condition, up to a 25% saving has been observed. In newer engines and high grade fuel, the number may be less, but still tangible.

LOWER EMISSIONS – Cleaner burning and less friction results in lower emissions. This helps to improve the air quality.

ENGINE PROTECTION – Engines are protected from corrosion, sludge and deposits. They are cleaned and remain clean, like new. A longer engine lifetime is achieved and the reduced maintenance will actually save the vehicle owner a significant amount of money.

DRIVING PRESSURES – With the super cleaning ability and smoother engine performance, due to the friction modifier, driving pressures are greatly reduced.

Bereichen Gasoline Package

Bereichen Gasoline Package

BEREICHEN for gasoline is a multi-functional gasoline performance package that provides the ultimate driving experience, by improving the quality of commercial gasoline.

Bereichen Diesel Package

Bereichen Diesel Package

BEREICHEN for diesel is a multifunctional diesel package that can upgrade commercial diesel into a premium grade, which means superior detergency and lubricity, better engine protection, less noise, renewed power and other premium features and benefits.

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Gran Prix Gasoline Additive

Gran Prix is a multifunctional additive for high-end automotive gasoline. It can upgrade ordinary commercial gasoline to high-quality high-value gasoline. This means that your gasoline will have excellent self-purification and anti-scaling capabilities. While protecting your engine, it also reduces engine noise and brings more engine power that increases the overall performance of your engine.

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